Falls Church VA Real Estate

Falls Church Real Estate and Demographics

Falls Church General Information and History

Located in Fairfax County, Falls Church Virginia is city that is very
rich with cultural history and events. Regardless of what you may be
interested in, there is something for everyone in Falls Church.

The history of Falls Church goes back more then 300 years to the early
American colonial days. At an intersection between two ancient Indian
trails this settlement was begun. The first permanent structure in Falls
Church, “Big Chimneys” was built in 1699 and served as a
rest stop for travelers. After the arrival of railroads in 1859 Falls
Church began to expand further. Today it is home to more then 13,000
residents. This small city of 2 square miles is dense with life at 6750
residents per square mile. It falls within the 22044 and 22046 zip codes.

With a number of parks in Falls Church, there are ample recreational
activities available to its residents. Everything from Golfing to Sailing,
to a variety of outdoor activities are close to, or located in Falls
Church offering users a variety of entertainment.

In Falls Church, the economy is booming with a core of national and
international high tech firms, which offers great, well paid, employment
opportunities. With a highly skilled and educated population, Falls
Church is among the leaders in the US. More then half of the Falls Church
residents are college educated and the majority are in professional
and skilled craft positions.

Schools in Falls Church

Falls Church offers 2 elementary schools as well as a combined middle
and high school providing facilities for more then 1500 students.
For more information on education in Falls Church visit the Public School’s
Website at http://www.fccps.k12.va.us/

Falls Church Virginia Demographics

Population (2013): 13,508
Median Household income (2012): $119,186
Size (2014): 2.2 Square Miles
Density (2014): 6750 Per Square Mile
Property Tax (2014) $1.305 per $100

Falls Church Virginia Transit

Falls Church Virginia has a clean diesel bus providing transit services
between Falls Church and the Washington Metropolitan Area. The bus,
known as George, was named after the historical figure, George Washington.
There is also a Metrorail.

Falls Church News Papers

Along with other major newspapers published in the region such as
The Washington Post, The Falls Church News Press is the local connection
to local news, and community events.

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