Six Home Design Trends to Know

If you’ve got the bug to make some changes or upgrade your home, we’ve got some great ideas that we think translate well to our homes and lifestyle here in the Arlington, VA area. Remember, though, that while new trends are fun to explore, it’s important to note that classic home design concepts are classics for a reason – they can still work for you if you love them and yet be easily updated with small touches. So no matter if you want to add some new color, or go shopping for new furniture, there’s bound to be something we’ve outlined here that you can embrace.

Trend #1: Adding Shades of Green

It’s a go for using lots of green in décor this year. Paint companies including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others named shades of green as their top color for this year. The pandemic caused many people to go outside for activity and social occasions. Now that we can gather inside again, using the color green for everything from sofa cushions to paint color to accent walls is a great way to bring nature back inside with us.

Trend #2: Nature Still Inspires

If you love the idea of using green to bring nature inside, you can go the extra mile and add living greenery to your home as well. No matter what kind of décor you love, there’s a plant that will match it. Plants are also well known for their relaxing vibe and air-purifying properties. If you decide to buy some plants, remember to do your research and pick ones that match how much time and attention you want to put into them.

Trend #3: Mixing Idyllic and Industrial

For those who want to dig a little deeper and really stand out, try this trend, which feels a little like “cyberpunk light.” Start with pieces based on the 18th to 19th century industrial era, like exposed brick, concrete, and dark metals, then mix in some idyllic elements like distressed wood elements, wispy window dressings, or luxe throw pillows.

Trend #4: Vintage Meets Modern

Another mish-mash trend that’s easy to embrace is mixing elements of the old with the new. Due to supply chain issues during the pandemic that still linger here and there today, people realized the fun and value in purchasing vintage pieces for their homes. It’s turned into the current trend I’ve noticed of sprinkling antiques and vintage pieces among more modern designs. This is a trend I love because it’s easy to stick to your own design aesthetics, it’s budget-friendly as well as eco-friendly, and it’s really fun finding the right pieces to go together.

Trend #5: Technology Matters

This is a trend that keeps popping up with new ideas and more ways to implement it. Homeowner’s who already have smart doors, garages, HVACs and kitchen appliances are now able to control things like self-shading windows, heated flooring, and movable shelving right from their phones.

Trend #6: Global Inspiration

As the pandemic ended, the love of travel has returned, which in turn has ignited design ideas with global inspiration. The destination doesn’t matter, it’s all about what the homeowner loves and wants to bring into their home from other areas of the globe. Think back to beloved vacations and memories and add a few tasteful items that will bring that sensibility to life.

If you’re ready to embrace a new trend in your home décor, but foresee that you might be selling your home in the future, here’s the best advice I can give: Consult with a local experienced Realtor in your area. Consumer tastes vary by region, and your local real estate agent can give you the best advice for whether a project will help or hurt in the market. Here in the greater Arlington, Virginia area, residents have specific tastes and as an agent who has worked with thousands of clients over 30+ years here locally, I can help you focus on the right project to get you the results you want. Give me a call at 703.593.6320 or email I’m here to help!