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Mclean Virginia Real Estate and Demographics

McLean History and General Information

Named after John R. McLean, Washington Post publisher, McLean got
its name after the merging of Langley and Lewinsville in 1910. Located
only 15 minutes from Washington DC, McLean Virginia offers a wide array
of opportunities for both residents and visitors alike. Located in Fairfax
County in the Dranesville District, there are a number of quality public
and private schools, public parks which are well maintained and fully
accessible, as well as a wide selection of churches, libraries, and
youth sports programs. McLean Virginia is home to roughly 48,000 residents
stretched out over 18.5 square miles. The zip code for McLean is 22101.

There is something for everyone in McLean, which is home to a number
of quality golf courses, public parks, swimming and tennis clubs, and
a plethora of recreational activities.

McLean is also home to some incredible shopping! Tysons Corner Center
is home to some of the most well known establishments in the United
States. With Anchor Stores of Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Lord &
Taylor, Tysons Corner Center is the 8th largest mall in the US and makes
up a whopping 1% of all sales made in US malls. Tysons also includes
a large number of high-end specialty outlets including L.L. Bean, Eddie
Bauer, Pottery Barn for kids and many more!

McLean Virginia Schools

In McLean Virginia there are a number of both public and private schools.
For more information on these schools please visit the Fairfax County
Public Schools website at:

McLean Virginia Demographics

Population (2010): 48,115
Male Population (2000): 23,878 (49.6%)
Female Population (2000): 24,237 (50.4%)
Elevation: 300 feet
Size (2010): 18.5 Square miles
Density (2010): 2600 per Square Mile
Median Household Income (2012): $173,174
Unemployment Rate: 3.4%

National Monuments Near McLean Virginia

Mclean Virginia is located close to some of Americas most well known
National Monuments. Some of these include the Jefferson Memorial, Arlington
House (Located at the Arlington National Cemetery), the Lincoln Memorial,
The Pentagon, The Washington Monument, and of course the White House.

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