Home Gardening: Nature’s Secret Weapon Against Stress

Home gardens are great for a lot of things. They increase the value of your home, they are perfect for entertaining, relaxing outdoors, for kids to play, and green-thumbs to indulge. Here’s something you may not have realized, though. All that digging in the dirt is also good for your health, with studies showing that time outdoors helps people manage their fears, anxiety, and stress.

Burpee agrees with this trend, calling 2021 the Year of the Quiet Garden, declaring it the perfect spot for finding inner peace. As many people are working from home full time now, they are struggling with the juggle of work and home life. With all the hustle and bustle indoors, some R&R outside is an attractive idea, and provides benefits beyond peace and quiet.

Sunshine, for example, boosts vitamin D production which is essential for healthy function of immune cells in the body and supports brain health and mental function. It’s also known that the simple act of spending time outdoors increases serotonin levels, promoting calm and reducing stress. Gardening is also good for physical health, as it improves physical conditioning, helping keep your heart healthy and your joints and muscles active. Finally, it’s a great workout for the brain, too, stimulating creativity as you plan what to plant, where to plant it, and elements such as color, texture, sun, shade, and functionality.

If you could use a little more de-stressing in your life, and the idea of getting out into your garden appeals to you, here are a few tips for creating a soothing outdoor space that you, your family and friends can enjoy together.

Soothing Colors

Bright colors might get noticed, but they don’t cultivate serenity. For a peaceful vibe, go for soothing colors such as blue, green, white and cream.

Texture and Sound

Close your eyes, take a sip of your favorite drink, and think about what you’d like to hear in your peaceful garden. Things like the splashing of a water fountain, crunch of gravel underfoot, whispering of tall, waving grasses or quiet music of a wind chime can easily be added. Texture is a factor, too, so consider adding plants like velvety roses, or bushes that you can run your hand through like Lavender or Breath of Heaven.

Speaking of Fountains…

Nothing creates a greater sense of peace than the sound of water. There are so many different styles of fountains that it’s easy to find some to fit your personal style. From dramatic stone fountains that look like they just arrived from Venice to small table-top modern designs that can easily be turned on and off, there’s something for everyone, and the benefits can be enjoyed by all.

As Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying, “don’t let perfect get in the way of good.” Working in your garden is a forgiving activity. No matter how much time and effort you want to devote to creating your own “peace garden,” know that it’s worth it. Plus think of the additional benefit of increasing the beauty – and value – of your home as well!

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