Homes of the Future

When we imagine the changes that homes will go through in the future, it’s fun to think of flying cars and robots, but realistically it may not be quite so dramatic. Homes are something that we often become emotionally attached to, and as technology and the world changes around us, the most likely impulse will be that we hang on to the type of homes that make us feel, well, at home.

That means that homes of the future may not look very different from those around us today. However, what’s inside is where it will get exciting. For instance, in a society that is more aware of environmental concerns, homes will most likely become smaller but better designed. Future generations will care deeply about appropriate use of resources and will go to great lengths to ensure that their houses are in sync with this mindset. Take a look at my earlier article about “The Disappearing Dining Room,” to see what I’m talking about. Home design will take a quality over quantity approach, creating a smaller environmental footprint while opting for smart space usage.

Technology will by and large provide the biggest advancements and changes in our future homes. The endless bundled cords, chargers, and surge protectors lying all around your home right now will be a thing of the past as everything goes wireless. New changes in LED lighting will come to fruition, literally changing how we see things throughout our homes, and controlling those lights will be easy to do.

Smart phones have become such a big part of our lives that it’s highly likely that future homes will become “smart homes.” Televisions, video screens, computers, gaming systems and more will become merged together so that we can access anyone and anything from anywhere there is a screen in the home. Connectivity to the world around you and information access will become effortless.

In the end, what will matter most is that our homes make us feel at home. So don’t say goodbye to your antique furnishings, your kitschy collectables and your grandmother’s cast iron pans. The home of the future will realize that by melding the best of the old with the potential of the new, we’ll create something that is perfect for any time.