How to pick the perfect housewarming gift

How to pick the perfect housewarming giftMoving into a new home is an exciting time for everyone, especially first time homeowners. It’s the beginning of an adventure and new memories and the perfect reason to celebrate. And what goes best with celebrations? Gifts! The pressure is on, though, as finding the perfect housewarming gift can be challenging. It needs to be something that fits their personality and makes them smile. Expensive isn’t the point here – the monetary value of the gift isn’t as important as its thoughtfulness.

Here are a few tips to make the next housewarming gift you give a successful one:

Consider the homeowner’s circumstances: Is this their first house or have they already established a home previously? If so, you want to avoid purchasing the basics (kitchen appliances, towels, or cookware). More than likely, they will already have plenty of these staple items.

Personalize: Picture the person you are buying a gift for. Are they outdoorsy? What are their interests? DIY gifts can be customized to fit any budget and personality. And personalized gifts are often cherished for years. If you’re not especially crafty, go online, there are plenty of great ideas. (Check out this article from Houzz to get started.)

Some examples:

  • A tasty gift basket filled with things such as homemade cookies, teas, ingredients for soup in a Mason jar, unique gourmet foods, wine, meat and cheese, high quality olive oil, special salts, etc. (Don’t forget to check if anyone has allergies.)
  • Personalized cutting board, coffee mug, or decorative frame
  • A gift basket filled with toys and goodies for the family pet
  • A plant or tree that they can grow, or a decorative plant and vase
  • A gift certificate for local restaurant or event or home improvement store
  • Something that they normally would not buy themselves, but would be useful

Don’t break the bank: Your gift doesn’t need to be the most expensive thing you can find. Often simple and thoughtful presents are the best. You can even just offer your services to help with the move in, organization or even childcare. Sometimes these priceless gifts of time and effort are the most appreciated during a stressful transition period.

Whatever your gift may be the host will be appreciative that you took the time and effort to celebrate this new adventure in their life. Taking the extra steps to make your gift unique will make it a cherished memento for years to come.