Importance of Curb Appeal for Selling your Home in Arlington, VA

When your house is on the market, it is very important to consider how your home looks on the outside when potential buyers arrive. Curb appeal is the term for the first impression your home makes when someone views it from the outside. When someone arrives to view your home, their tour always begins outside. They see the home from the outside and it’s the first time they can step back and envision themselves in the home.

Mike Pugh offers expert guidance to those who are planning to sell their home. Mike has been a real estate agent in Virginia for more than 30 years. He has sold homes and condos in Arlington and throughout North Virginia. When working with sellers, Mike listens to your goals and provides the best help to get the best value out of your home. Here is some information on curb appeal and how you can make your home an attractive option for buyers.

Remove the Clutter

It is best to keep your home free of too many personal possessions. When buyers visit a home, they want to be able to envision their families and their own belongings as part of the home. Be sure to remove any bikes, skateboards, gardening tools, trash cans, and belongings that may interfere with their imagination.

Mow The Lawn

A nice lush lawn never goes out of style. When the buyer arrives, they often take notice of the lawn and picture the different activities they have access to right in front of their home. A nice lawn also makes your home look great. Greenery is often very pleasing for buyers so it is beneficial to make sure your lawn is looking great.

Repaint the Exterior

Nothing gives a home a fresh look like a new paint job. If your home is in need of new paint, buyers can tell. It isn’t the cheapest option, but if it’s keeping buyers from showing interest, it is time to update the home with a fresh coat. Finding the right colors and shades will also give the home great appeal within the neighborhood.

If painting is too expensive and you need other options, you can always focus on the trim. Giving your home an updated window trim or just painting the trim around the house can give it an accent that pops. Even opting to update the paint on the front door can work wonders. Regardless, it is important to select pleasing colors that match your home and neighborhood.

Clean the Windows

Clean windows truly make a house shine. The reflections of clean glass give the home a bright look that can’t be passed up. It’s easy and inexpensive to clean windows and sure to impress when buyers are taking a peek into the home.

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