Interior Design Trends for 2019

While Virginia may have its own unique style, interior design trends are fun to watch, and some might even inspire you for your own home. I’ve rounded up a list of the top trends experts say will be hot this year so you can see if anything catches your eye.

Talk-To-Me Technology

People here in Arlington, Virginia like to be on the cutting edge, so the smart home trend definitely will fit in. In 2019, smart homes will keep getting smarter with the addition of even more technology that allows you to control your environment and perform tasks just by using your voice. You’ll see smart faucets, fans, window coverings, mirrors and even smart toilets (yes, toilets!) that can all be voice-controlled. And technology like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod will keep them all connected to increase the functionality of the modern home.

The “Etsy” Effect

Custom, handmade, crafted products will still be stylish in 2019 and used throughout homes to add a softer, more homey tone that offsets all the modern smart technology. Chunky hand-woven blankets, pillows, art and furniture made with natural material in soft neutral colors will be popular for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and children’s rooms.

Bedroom Reboot

According to House Beautiful, bold accent walls in the bedroom are out, but softly textured wallpaper all around is in for 2019. Sticking to subtle textures and colors, using wallpapers in interesting patterns or inspired by nature will add a visual pop without overdoing it.

Pickers Rejoice

Another trend for 2019 that antiquing fans, pickers, and junkers will love is the design world embracing anything-goes for furniture throughout the home. No more buying all the furniture for your living room or bedroom at the same store so they all match. Designers are saying this is the year to choose furniture that you love and not worry about being all matchy-matchy. Mix up styles, use antiques next to contemporary pieces, and don’t be afraid to show off your personal style.

As winter moves along for us here in Virginia, it’s a great time to think about ways to freshen up your interior either using what you have – or getting out of the house and checking out what’s new in the showrooms. And no matter what, it’s always a good idea to stay true to your own personal style.