Pricing Your Home to Sell in Arlington, VA

Homeowners planning on selling their home need to be aware of the many factors that go into pricing. There is so much to consider when establishing an asking price that it can be an overwhelming process. Luckily, working with an experienced Realtor, such as Mike Pugh, will give you the insider knowledge you need to set the best price for your home and put you on the path for the most profit.

Mike Pugh offers homeowners the expert consulting they require to establish competitive asking prices on their homes in Arlington and Northern Virginia. Mike has more than 30 years of real estate experience in Arlington, VA and utilizes it to provide sellers with the most potential for profit from the sale of their home. Here is a look at the factors that contribute toward pricing, what you can do to raise the value of your home, and why it is best to work with Mike Pugh.

Factors That Contribute Toward Pricing

Location: While location is a huge factor that goes into pricing your home, there are a variety of smaller factors within location that affect the price of your home. The price of other homes in your area, the quality of local schools, and even the community play a role. Often, buyers are looking for a home where they can be actively involved in the community. Meanwhile, families want to live near parks, grocery stores, schools, work, and a number of other locations that they need to visit on a regular basis.

Age and Condition: When your home was built and the condition it is currently in will be a huge consideration for buyers. In some cases, an older home can be more historically significant and lead to more value. Newer homes are also considered more valuable than a home that was built in the 70s. If your home is also well kept and ready to move in, buyers are more willing to spend. Whereas, if the home requires a significant amount of money for renovation, they may avoid the commitment.

Size and Layout: Bigger homes are slowly losing popularity. Homeowners are more aware of the work and upkeep that comes with a large home. Many buyers are looking for homes with a more open layout that offers fewer but bigger bedrooms.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Upgrades and renovations can improve the quality of your home and increase the value. Of course, it is important to note that overdoing it by adding too many upgrades that are inappropriate for the type of home, the neighborhood, and the community can backfire by actually lowering its value. You want to plan your upgrades so you get the best value from the renovations. Find quick and easy fixes that take the least amount of time and money while giving you the best increase in value.

Small improvements like updating the paint job both inside and on the exterior will give your home a fresh, updated look. Doing small landscaping tasks like cleaning the yard and mowing the lawn will also help boost your home’s curb appeal from the first moment buyers see it. Meanwhile, having an open kitchen with plenty of counter space can be exactly what the buyer is looking for.

Working With Mike Pugh

Mike Pugh has the professional connections and experience to help you find the right people that can easily and quickly increase the value of your home. Mike is capable of providing you with expert advice on furniture, colors, lighting, and much more. His goal is to help you captivate buyers and give your home a look that will appeal to a wide audience.

Price Your Home With Mike Pugh!

If you are ready to sell your home but need help navigating the selling process and establishing the right asking price, we know just the place to call. Mike Pugh is equipped with the best tools for pricing your home and helping you have a successful experience. Now that you’re ready to start, get in contact with Mike here or give him a call at 703.593.6320!