How Technology Affects Home Design

TabletAs technology develops and influences how we live, home design continues to evolve as well. For instance, smart phone and tablet users wanting a bit of privacy are seeking house plans that feature various nooks and spaces where family members can use their devices with discretion while still able to come together with ease.

Does this mean that the popular open house plan is doomed? I don’t see it that way. Classic homes can accommodate this trend as easily as modern ones, all is takes is a balanced mix of open and private spaces, and any style home can become the perfect place for snuggling in with your Kindle with the latest bestseller, or having a large book club meeting about it after.

There is still demand for large kitchens and social spaces, well-suited to entertaining large numbers of people and providing a place for families to draw together throughout the day. But with the use of mobile devices becoming more prevalent, homeowners are taking a fresh look at how their spaces are being used to create the best of both worlds.

New homes buyers with young children and tech-driven lifestyles are starting to favor a bit more of a “broken house plan,” adding private spaces to spacious open floor plans so toddlers, teens, and even Grandma with her Nook have options for private mobile device usage in the home.

If you are already comfortable in an older home, it’s easy to adapt to this style. Here in Arlington, Virginia, I see many people still enjoying their open plan kitchen and family area spaces for socializing. But they are adapting to the times by converting dining rooms into libraries and dens into sitting rooms with cozy chairs and charging stations to provide something for everyone.

Smaller rooms with smart screens that connect via Wi-Fi with smart phone and tables are replacing large game rooms and man caves. Split-level floors, sliding partitions and strategic placement of screens and other décor items are also perfect for dividing large open spaces into smaller, private areas.

That old saying about “the only thing constant is change” is very true when it comes to real estate and home design. Make no mistake, technology has definitely caused a revolution in how people live in their homes. But that doesn’t mean you have to call in a demo crew every time there is a new breakthrough. They key is adaptability in the design and styling of your home so that it can change to suit the needs of the family as well as the needs of the times.