Tips for selling your home to a younger generation: Millennials and Generation Z

If you plan on selling your home soon, it’s a good idea to consider how to make it more appealing to a younger generation. As Millennials and Generation Z make up more than a third of the home buying market (and growing), making a bigger profit might depend on how millennial-friendly you can make your home.

Who are Millennials and Generation Z?

While there is no concrete definition, people who are considered Millennials or Generation Z are generally young adults ranging in ages between 18 and 34. These are the children of the internet, people born into a technology book that continues to roll forward at an amazing rate. They were learning to use computers at the same time they learned to walk, they’ve grown up in a world where working from home and entrepreneurship are the norm, and they are exposed to cultures, lifestyles and trends that their parents never had access to. This gives them a unique perspective of what homeownership should look like, and unique challenges and opportunities for current homeowners to reach out to them.

If you’re ready to sell your home, it’s a good idea to be aware of this demographic of home buyer and utilize a few of the tips I’ve gathered here to catch their attention.

Home selling tips for Millennials and Generation Z

#1 Add smart technology to your home

Ready for a home that they can interact with as much as they interact with their phone, smart technology throughout a home will definitely catch some attention. Things like smart door locks, surveillance cameras and doorbells, and smart garage door openers are budget-friendly and easy to install. Take it one step further with Wi-Fi thermostats that can be controlled from the road, security systems and whole-house voice-activated tech that allows you to control everything from the temperature to music to refrigerator with just a few words.

Here’s a tip that’s often forgotten during a home sale process, but definitely very much appreciated: For all smart technology installed in the home you are selling, be sure to provide information to the new owner for accessing accounts, changing passwords, etc.

#2 Be move-in ready

Millennials want their homes to be simple and easy to move in without planning for big renovations or upgrades. Always on the go, they will be looking for homes that won’t need a lot of work to move in. This means up to date appliances, neutral colors, wifi-ready, and expert staging to show them how easy it will be.

#3 Stage for the Millennial lifestyle

Speaking of staging, be sure to discuss with your Realtor or staging consultant for ideas to make your home appeal more to the younger set. Even if you’re an empty nester who is moving on to your dream retirement home, you’ll want to make your home a place where younger buyers can visualize themselves living. For instance, the Millennial and Gen Z workforce consists of a much larger percentage of entrepreneurs and people who work from home. Therefore, a home office space will be a priority. Even if you don’t have a home office now, designate a room or space to be cleared and then staged as a home office so they can see it in real life.

#4 Green up your home

In addition to growing up with technology, today’s youth have also grown up with a decidedly “green” focus on things like eco-consciousness and environmentalism. Adding energy efficient features to your home such as smart thermostats, high efficiency appliances, organic gardening, composting, and low-maintenance native landscaping are a great way to appeal to someone looking for a great house that leaves a small footprint.

#5 Multi-functional outdoor space

A large majority of Millennials want multi-functional, relaxing outdoor spaces that allow them to expand their home outside its walls. Decks, gardens, and features that allow them to take their work, play, food and friends outside are what can make the difference between your home and the one for sale a few blocks away. Not to mention adding curb appeal that creates the perfect first impression.

If you live in Arlington, Virginia or the surrounding area and would like tips for making your home for sale more appealing to the majority of homeowners on the market, please feel free to call or contact me. As one of the leading real estate professionals in the area, with more than 30 years of local experience, I can help you connect with the right buyers for a successful sales experience.