Top home design trends for 2020

If you have anything on your New Year resolution list about freshening up your home, there are a lot of new ideas that can help you get that done. New trends are fun to explore, but it’s important to note that classic home design concepts are classics for a reason – they can still work for you if you love them and yet be easily updated with small touches. So no matter if you want to freshen up your kitchen just a bit, or give your master bed and bath a dramatic makeover, there’s bound to be something in the emerging design trends of 2020 you can embrace.

# 1 Home Design Trend: Furniture That Lasts

Longevity is in – throwaway pieces are out. In an era where homeowners are increasingly aware of creating living spaces that are eco-conscious, so-called “disposable” furniture that requires replacement every year or two is no longer desirable. Purchasing new pieces that will become heirlooms, or revitalizing antique treasures discovered in attics or at flea markets is a trend that can look beautiful in your home. When you plan a redesign of any room, consider using less furniture. However, that furniture should be of higher quality and craftsmanship – something that can tell a story and be proudly handed down through the generations.

# 2 Home Design Trend: Cozy Floors

Bleached, white and gray floors have been popular over the last few years, but home design experts are predicting a return to warm woods underfoot in the future. The good news is that you’re not restricted to just one color to stay in fashion. Lighter tones such as honey, oak and maple can be used for a more casual, vibe. Richer tones such as walnut, mahogany and dark oak create a more formal, luxurious effect.

# 3 Home Design Trend: Earth Tones

From Home Depot to haute couture, earth tone colors are rising in popularity for 2020. A very organic color palette ranging from a wide variety of greens, browns, and earthy reds are reflective of our culture’s increased focus on the natural world, and that is coming through in home design as well. An easy way to incorporate these colors into home design can be through accessories, art, furniture and lighting.

# 4 Home Design Trend: Embrace the Feminine

The modern aesthetic of cool colors and geometric lines is no longer the face of the future. According to home styling insiders, the future now looks a lot more feminine. Oval tables are replacing square. Curved lines and soft touches can be seen in accessories, art and paint colors. Homeowners who like this idea can indulge themselves with fancy lighting (think chandeliers in the dressing room), soft, flowing window coverings, or art that embraces the feminine mystique.

# 5 Home Design Trend: White Furniture

Parents with small children may wince when they see this, but yes, white furniture is indeed seeing a comeback. Check out any trending Instagram home décor influencer and you’ll see rooms entirely built around white couches, beds covered in a snowstorm of white duvets and pillows, not to mention white window coverings, lamps and outdoor furniture. That doesn’t mean your life will be whitewashed, though, as white does give you a base that you can do practically anything with to match your own personal tastes and design style. Good news for parents, advances in fabric designs have results in fabrics that repel and protect from stains and sticky fingers – which means even parents can enjoy this trend too!