Organizing Your Home Office

One of the most common resolutions is to “get organized,” but many fail because they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to get started. Boost your chances for success by choosing one specific area of your home that will give you the most satisfaction and results for your efforts – the home office. No matter if you are running a business or running a family from home (or both!) these tips will get your office in shape quickly and give you bragging rights for checking this resolution off your list.

Create a System: Before you start shoveling out your desk, take a moment to strategize where you’re going to put all that stuff. Create a system now and you’ll boost the chances of keep your newly organized office organized throughout the year. You can use a variety of tools with the following system, like the following:

  • Inbox: Use an Inbox for fresh assignments, bills, letters and to-do’s.  Remember that this isn’t a permanent storage container: If a piece of paper has been sitting in your inbox for more than a couple of days, you need to move it on to one of the options below.
  • Ongoing Projects: Move paperwork for ongoing projects to a file labeled “Ongoing Projects.”
  • Outbox: An Outbox for paperwork that is finished and needs to be filed.
  • Trash: A trash can with a shredded for the end of the line.

Workflow: Establish and stick to a workflow for your home office. When things come in, they go to the Inbox. Projects in the Inbox are tackled and moved on within two days to either Ongoing Projects, Outbox for Filing, or the Trash

Control the Cords: it’s time to finally round up all those cords and wires running amok and get them under control. Your local office supply store will have a wide variety of cord tags, labels, clips, cable boxes, zip-ties, and other solutions you can customize for your personal needs. Check out Pinterest to see what other home office organizing aficionados have done and to find great ideas.

Get Support: Stop using that extra dining table chair at your desk and treat yourself to an ergonomic office chair. You may not think comfort and support matter to your work, but a good office chair can transform your productivity. Studies have shown that back pain can take a toll on your health, mood and consequently your work productivity. Office supply stores offer a wide variety of office seating solutions and you can get a great chair for less than $100.

Get Tough and Toss It: The one final move you can make that will help you maintain an organized home office is to develop a “get tough and toss it” mentality. Get rid of all the broken or outdated items cluttering your space that you barely notice or use anymore. Send pens without ink, mangled paper clips, dried out markers, old newspapers and magazines, and yellowing printouts to the trash can.

They say that a cluttered office indicates a cluttered life. If you’re ready to get the mess out, these ideas are perfect to get you on the road to becoming more productive, positive and focused in for your family, your business and your life.