4 ideas for boosting the value of your basement

Basements can be a gold mine when it comes to optimizing the space – and value – of your home. In fact, did you know that basement remodels typically recoup about 70 percent of their costs at resale, adding tremendous value to your home? Forget about stuffy storage space, cobwebs, and spooky dark corners. We’ve gathered five ideas for fixing up basements to create fun, useful, and attractive spaces that will prove a welcome addition to your home.

#1: In-Home Theater

Basements tend to be dark, so leverage that low lighting to create a home theater perfect for movies, gaming, or even watching old home movies with the grandparents. Creating a home theater isn’t as complicated as it sounds, or as costly. A large television with a wall mount, surround sound speakers, and comfortable seating can be purchased and set for much less than a full basement remodel, which can average between $35,000 and $50,000.

#2: Children’s Play Area

Dark and scary? Not when you get through with it. Your basement can become a kid paradise with just a few creative DIY projects. First, make sure the entrance (usually stairs) is safe for children. That’s a must. Next, have a professional contractor or home inspector make sure that the basement is safe. You’ll want to check for mold, make sure supporting walls or beams are secure, etc. Finally, have fun! Install carpet or rubber mat type flooring so kids can get comfy on the floor. Use bright and light paint colors and install good lighting to keep the shadows away. Set up toy areas, gaming areas and crafting areas. Be sure to let kids have a say in what they want, as this space is for them. And if they balk at first, remind them that the kids in Stranger Things spent most of their fun time in the basement, so it’s got to be cool.

#3: Adult Happy Hour and Entertaining

No kids in the house to cater too? Great! That means you get to use the basement to create a grown-up paradise perfect for entertaining. If you love wine, it’s the perfect place to install a wine cellar. Then go the extra mile and create a beautiful bar and lounge worthy of cocktail hour. Basements that have a walk-out entrance to a patio can be ideal for entertaining, giving guests a choice as the party flows both inside and out. Consider putting in a tile for easy cleaning and to give it a finished look, then scatter indoor/outdoor rugs around to soften the look. Finally, make sure the space is finished off with attractive lighting, art, and even mirrors placed throughout to brighten the space and entertain guests.

#4: Home Office / Craft Room / Photography and Art Studio

If you have a home business, hobby, or just love to get super crafty in your spare time a basement is perfect for each of these, or even all three at once! Installing permanent walls requires permits, inspections, tax assessments and the cost of hiring professionals to do the job, so save money and stress by creating your own room dividers using palettes, screens or room dividers. (Check out Pinterest for lots of great ideas). With the right lighting, furniture and lots of space to play with you can create several areas that cater to your passions without taking up valuable space in the living areas upstairs.