How to dress up your deck and turn your patio into a paradise

If you love the inside of your home, but feeling kind of “meh” about the outside, consider sprucing up unused patio or deck areas to create spaces that add pizzazz to your property while also boosting the value of your home. Outdoor rooms are a great way to increase the feel of your home’s square footage as you let what you love to do inside spill over into adjacent spaces outside. If you love the ideas, but are unsure how to get started, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you get started.

First, define your space.

Choose a space that is easy to access, either right out the door or within very close distance to the home. Now define the area by deciding what activities will take place in it. When you picture yourself in the new space, do you see it as a place to relax with cocktails surrounded by luxurious seating with a crackling fire as the center focus? Or maybe you see yourself cooking dinners al fresco, tending container gardens, or painting on an easel in the fresh air. The best way to define an outdoor room is by the activity that will take place in it.

Next, define your style.

An outdoor room should be functional, but it also needs to be attractive, interesting, and a pleasure to be in or you’ll never use it. Once you’ve defined what the space will be used for, think about the style of décor you’d like to follow whether it be Tuscan farmhouse, Napa vineyard, or your own personal mix of style.

Finally, decorate.

No matter what you’ve decided to do with your patio or deck, there are a few classic design elements you can incorporate to punch up the wow factor. Water, for instance. The sound of water can set the scene for anything from a fun BBQ with the kids to a dinner party under the stars. You don’t have to bust your budget on having a waterfall installed, though, as even a simple birdbath or tinkling tabletop fountain can do the trick.

Every room inside has a floor, so outdoor rooms need them too. This element of your hardscape is worth thinking about as well. You can use flagstones, tile, brick, or concrete stamped or stained to look like just about anything. Another hardscape idea is to install a fireplace or fire pit in your outdoor room. They give your outdoor space a nice place to gather round, and can extend the practicality of spending more time outdoors by several months.

Whether you are transforming a spacious deck or a tiny patio, creating outdoor rooms that fit your lifestyle are a great way to ensure you’ll enjoy your home just that much more.