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Backyard Ponds – The Future of Pool Design

What do backyard pool lovers do to overcome water shortages and high utility bills? Combine high tech design with the power of nature for a beautiful, cost-effective, environmentally-responsible solution. Traditional backyard pools are great for everything from exercise to entertaining,

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The New Nursery: Neutral Décor Nudges Out Classic Pastels

Traditional pinks and blues used in nursery design are being nudged aside as many parents have turned to grown-up colors that blend with the rest of their home and transition easily as their children grow. Palettes of gray, black and

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Top Home Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

Style is always evolving, and you can definitely see that in the world of home design and décor. As a real estate professional, I’ve seen a lot of predictions for “must-have” decorating and style tips for 2016. Some of them

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The Future of Kitchen Design

Kitchens today are undergoing an interesting transformation. As a Realtor in the Arlington, Virginia area, I get to see a wide variety of kitchens in the homes that I work with and I am constantly amazed at the ingenuity in

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Stylish and Kid-Friendly Home Decor

Is it a myth that you can have a stylish home AND kids at the same time? Or are you doomed to live with shaggy-chic distressed decor until you become an empty nester? Stylish kid-friendly decor is possible, as long

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The Disappearing Dining Room

When was the last time you used your dining room? According to a recent survey studying the habits of high-end homeowners, many people are looking to maximize the space in their homes by transforming dining rooms into something more practical

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