How to update your all-white kitchen

All-white kitchens have been the go-to design choice for homeowners and design professionals for many years now. But as we all know, design trends are just that – trends. The ultra-white palette that became almost standard for the past decade is evolving to meet the preferences and needs of new generations seeking color, contrast, and lots more pizzazz in the heart of their homes.

Many homeowners love their all-white kitchens for the ease of decorating and simple, clean style. The good news for those who want to stay on trend is that you don’t have to add shocking patterned wallpaper or brilliant colors to update your kitchen’s look. Whether you’re doing a total remodel of your kitchen from floor to ceiling, or just implementing some minor tweaks to update the space, there are a lot of ways to add some of the fresh ideas we’re seeing without abandoning the simple, clean aesthetic you’ve grown to love.

Bring in natural wood elements: You don’t need to turn your kitchen into a forest. But a splash of natural wood here and there can add an element of warmth to an all-white kitchen.  Forget about the log cabin look. And don’t even think about the wood paneling your grandparents used. Today’s design experts are using wood in all shades and styles to complement every style from cozy country to ultra-modern chic. Wood elements can be used in flooring, wrapped around an island, as part of countertops, and in statement walls or cabinets.

Or go with stone: If you’re not sure about wood, try another natural element that adds surprising warmth and character – stone. Try using stone in a statement wall, as part of a kitchen island, or work it into the breakfast nook. Or try a backsplash with elements of stone. Stone can work with different style such as Tuscan, French, or Country, while sticking to the clean lines and look you love in the rest of your all-white kitchen.

Pendant lights: Another easy way to update your all-white kitchen is to add some fun, funky or elegant pendant lights over your island, breakfast bar or dining table and voila, instant personality! Pendants are easy to find, come in almost endless styles to ensure you find something that exactly fits your style, and are easy to install. With the bonus of being an extremely budget-friendly way to update a kitchen in just a day.

All-white kitchens have been a design favorite for so long for a reason. Their simple, clean lines and easy-going style are universal. So while trends change, and we love the new ideas we see in kitchen design, we think a few changes like these are perfect for combining a little of the new with the classics to create endless possibilities for freshening up all-white kitchens, truly the heart of every home.