Luxury real estate trends that elevate any home

Throughout the United States, 2018 has been a year that defies expectations when it comes to the luxury real estate market. Even though frugal living and tiny homes are hot topics, buyers are still making the choice to pursue their dreams of multi-million-dollar homes.

Arlington and surrounding areas in Virginia are no stranger to the luxury home market. Beautiful properties with stunning homes can be found throughout Washington DC, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church and McLean. Even though these properties can be very unique, a few common trends are emerging that can be applied universally for anyone who wants the very best in their own home, no matter how big or small.

Tech-savvy smart homes

In today’s high-tech world, homes wired to adapt to the apps we use to control our daily life are highly desirable. Luxury homeowners demand the latest in wiring and accessibility for every corner of their homes. Every homeowner can benefit from adding some technology, however, to the point of elevating them in buyer’s eyes if they list for sale. Check out this Home Technology article for ideas to upgrade your home.

Strategic use of space

Luxury homes mean exceptional quality, but don’t require thousands of square feet to get there. Even in this market, homeowners want just the right amount of space with everything they need – and nothing they don’t. Instead of a dining room you never use, knock out a wall to create a stunning kitchen, or create a space you’ve always dreamed of like a yoga room or cozy library.

Spectacular kitchens

The heart of the home is the same no matter what size your home is. No matter if you’re a professional cook or just love to putter around with grandma’s recipe book, a luxury kitchen is appreciated in all areas of the real estate market. Trends we’ve seen include spacious islands with second sets of appliances built in, His and Hers Kitchens, and setups equipped to handle everything from grand galas to extended family reunions.

Unique Factors

High-end homeowners want custom finishes and features that reflect their personality and taste and add a certain wow-factor to their homes. Hand-crafted, specialty items can be incorporated everywhere in a home. Hand-carved doors make dramatic first impressions. Custom outdoor cooking areas, firepits and sculptured landscaping create unique and memorable living spaces. Love to travel? Specially-sourced items from exotic locations displayed in your home are a great way to highlight your unique personality.

Private Getaways

Homeowners are taking the idea of creating a special place within the home to new levels by creating luxury retreats that cater to their particular interests and give them a place that feels like they are removed from the cares of the world, without the time and travel it takes to jet around the globe. From backyards to basements and everywhere in between, this is a home trend worthy of taking a look at for creating unique and creative getaway zones in the comfort of your home. For ideas, check out this article: Luxury Retreats Just Steps From Your Front Door.